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We are a company that understands complexity of businesses, and with our technical expertise, we help them transform and scale. 

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Technology Expertise

Sell your services or product for free

Register for free and add your services or product to external affiliate link. In less than 5 minutes you will have online store. If you business need more you can always upgrade to pro page.

PRO Services

The new way to manage your business.

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Supported Product Types

Product CSV Import, Bulk Stock Manager, Quick edit & Bulk edit, Featured & Duplicate Product, Product custom fields, Product fields validation, Product Limit & Allowed Category ,capability

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Advanced features

Customer-Vendor Live Chat, Support Ticket, Store Invoice, Commission Invoice & Packing Slip, Shipment Tracking, Vendor Verification, Following – Followers, Vendor Badges, Vacation Mode

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Advance bookings options

Booking Calendar, Availability rules manage, Pricing rules manage, Person types, Resource manage, Manual Booking, Manage bookings & mark as confirmed

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Advance report options

Sales report by product, Coupon usage, Low stock product, Order filter by date and commission status, Export as CSV, Custom date filter

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Supported Product Types

Accommodation Appointment Event Rental Tickets Bookings Subscriptions Listings Voucher

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Miscellaneous Options

Direct messaging system, Vacation Mode, Product wise commission manage, Screen Manager, Coupon usage and user limit manage, Product, Order, Bookings filter by status


Technology Expertise

Automatic & immediate deposit of your income on your account

On some platforms, you are paid only every X times or you can make manual withdrawals only when you reach a minimum threshold. On, the moment the user pays, you immediately receive your money in your account.

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Do not miss any sale , you are notified immediately notifies you immediately when a user purchases one of your products, you receive all the information by email to prepare the order, you do not have to log in each time to check your orders.

Technology Expertise



Technology Expertise

Unlike other platforms, you have your customers' information

It is common for multi-seller platforms to hide information from the customer who placed an order with the seller to prevent them from communicating with each other. On, the buyer and the seller are put in contact.

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Track the progress of each order

Keep control over all your orders, add notes to customers, change the status of each order in real time. An order that goes smoothly is a happy customer who will come back to you.

Technology Expertise

Track order


Technology Expertise

Create your coupons & offers custom

Launch your promotional campaigns by creating coupons under the conditions that you control: Discount amount (Fixed or in percentage), applicable products, use date limit, total use limit, etc. 

You can also schedule discount products to start or end after a certain date.

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Work as a team , manage your store with others

We allow you to add accounts to manage your store. The operation is very simple, assign roles and authorizations to the people of your choice, give access only to orders to your order preparer, give access to your income to your accountant … You have total control of your shop.

Technology Expertise


Technology Expertise

Simplify your accounting management

All the statistics of your store are visible, nothing is hidden. Get complete reports from your store, the number of items viewed, your income by period, the cost of coupons, deliveries, etc.

You can also export all this data in .CSV formats (Spreadsheets) to manage your invoices.

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Complying with all European GDPR laws

The deadline for bringing an e-commerce site into compliance with the GDPR is coming, and it is difficult to know exactly what to modify on its site to comply with the law. We takes care of it for you and is responsible for your online store in light of these new laws.

Technology Expertise


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