Characteristics of Divine Intervention

Characteristics of Divine Intervention

Throughout my life, I have had many experiences of divine intervention. My friends have asked me, “How do you know the experience is a divine intervention?” I will share with you the characteristics of divine intervention. These characteristics apply to divine interventions which come in a form of thoughts. The divine interventions can come in many other forms.

First, the thought usually comes unexpectedly (out of the blue). If you are sensitive to the Divine, you may feel that somebody is putting a thought into your head. If you are not sensitive to the Divine, you may feel that this thought is not yours (indeed it is not), and wonder why you would get such a strange thought (because it is not yours and comes from the Divine), or how you could get such an idea (actually you could not unless the Divine gives it to you).

Second, the timing of the thought is to perfection. This is because the Divine will only give you the thought when you are ready to receive it. As the saying goes “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” When you have received the thought, you will find that you can implement the idea immediately (which is the sign of perfect timing).

Third, if you decide to implement the idea, you will find that the physical manifestation of the idea happens very quickly and without much effort. This is in contrast to the manifestation of a non-divine thought which takes a long time and requires a great deal of effort. This is because in manifesting a divine thought, we are going with the tide; all the natural forces are helping us. In manifesting a non-divine thought, we are going against the tide, and all the natural forces are opposing us.

Fourth, if you continue to implement the idea, you will find that the fruits generated from the seed are many times greater than the seed. This is like comparing an apple tree with an apple seed. The size of the tree is many times greater than the seed. Also, the number of apples generated from the tree is many times greater than the single seed.

In summary, if you find that a thought comes unexpectedly, can be implemented immediately, its physical manifestation happens quickly and effortlessly, and there is abundance generated from the thought – congratulations – you have had a divine intervention.

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