Creating Your Own Reality

Creating Your Own Reality

One of the great teachings of the ages, which has been lost until recent times, is that we create our own reality. If you get this concept, that you are the one creating everything in your reality, even down to the fly on the wall… if you get that it’s YOUR dream – no one else’s – that everything in it is created by you … when you understand that your external world is simply the print out of your internal landscape – you will then be able to take responsibility for your life and choose consciously how you will create it to be.

What you believe, what your thoughts are, what emotions you generate all comes back to you as the world around you. The external world functions simply as a mirror of yourself and your energy. It reflects what you believe and what level you are operating on. If you are annoyed, other people who act annoyed or are annoying will pop into your space. If you are not accepting yourself, others will not accept you. If you are careless, experiences will occur where others are careless toward you. And so forth. You can not create in anyone else’s reality, only in your own. No one can create in your dreams, just as no one can create your life for you. Your life is YOUR dream made manifest on the physical plane of existence.

Each individual is responsible for what they choose to create, feel, or how they choose to interpret and respond to events. Therefore, basing how you will feel upon what someone else says, does, or believes is victim consciousness. No one can “DO” anything to you, make you feel something, or make your life happy or unhappy. It’s entirely up to you. Other people’s “dreams”, therefore, have nothing to do with you, or how you feel, except that it will act as a mirror for whatever issues and perceptions you yourself have going on inside of you.

People can be involved or act as mirrors for each other’s issues. Everyone, in this sense has a gift for us and has something to teach us about ourselves. We can choose to dance with another in this way. How you feel, and what you feel, however, only depends on what you choose to feel. If you choose to feel love, you will feel love. If you chose to feel anger, then anger and angry situations will be what you create. In this way, you are able to look at another’s dream, their life creation, where they are at at any moment, and say, with love, “OH. That’s what this person is experiencing and creating and learning now in their journey at the moment. How perfect.” How surprised would you be if, when you get this, everything in your world will automatically be different as you choose different beliefs and emotions?

Look at it this way – you are like a computer. The computer depends upon what you type into it, and that determines what it will print out, correct? It’s the same with your life. Whatever you type into yourself – that is, whatever perceptions or beliefs YOU have put inside you, or, “programmed into your computer” – that is what will get printed out and become your life. This print out is like a script available for other people to read. They read it, and simply respond to what you have typed out, to YOUR print out.

For instance, if what you have typed into your computer is: “Oh. I’m selfish. That means I’m a bad person.” Someone will read this in your print out (your energy field) and you will create them probably saying something like this to you: “You are so selfish!! Why don’t you ever think of me? Why don’t you make me happy?!” When you change what you type into yourself, when you change the energy that is in your energy field, when you change the thoughts and beliefs and emotions that you carry around, which vibrate at a certain frequency, your print out will be different. Then everyone will read that new print out and respond to it. You will be operating on a new level of vibrational frequency.

Creating “everything in your awareness” also means we create the way other people treat us and every word they say to us. They respond to the vibration we are putting out. Another way to look at it is that you are the writer, producer, and director of your own play. You have written a particular script (which is your life) with certain roles in it. As the director, before you incarnate, you ask people to play these roles in your production, and they read the script you have given them and play the parts you have asked them to play.

As long as you think that how your reality turns out is due to someone or something else, you are still not taking 100% responsibility for the fact that YOU create your own life. You will still be in the victim role, and nothing changes that way. Victims have no power to do anything, for that is the belief they operate from. You can only change yourself and to do that one must move into the role of Creator rather than victim. To be a clear, functional, healthy human being, always bring what is happening in your life back to you, whenever you think it’s about someone or something else. In that way your life operates without blame or victimization or abuse.


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