Discover what you really want in life and how to get it • Angelica Horvatic

Discover what you really want in life and how to get it • Angelica Horvatic


For all of you in the need of some meaningful holidays – come to my beautiful Croatia this summer, connect with an amazing people from all over the globe, relax, detox your body and mind, grow, learn and – have fun! ?

1st – 8th of July 2016, Island Pashman, Croatia 

WHAT are you doing?

Do you live your life purpose?

WHY are you not doing more to truly live your life purpose?

HOW can you make more difference in the world?

What drives you? What excites you?

What would you love to do if money isn’t an obstacle?

WHO are you being by not using 100% of your true potential?

What can you expect from this workshop:

One week full of light bulb moments, sparks, learnings, fun, transformational ideas – ideas which will shift and change the way you think of yourself or about some aspects of your life which might don’t not work for you at the moment.

Expect also some serious brain storming, group interaction and coaching , LOADS of exercises and tools to take home and practice!

And as I am famous for giving loads of homework & exercises ( during, before and after my workshops ) just a little warning: this workshop is ONLY for those of you who are DETERMINED to – search for, find and LIVE your life purpose – a burning desire to reunite with your soul on its quest is absolutely crucial! ?

For more info, bookings and reservations please visit the following link:


Listen to your heart. Come if this feels like the right thing for you. Let it be an Absolute Yes!

Let’s conquer that mountain together! ?


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