This class counts as 1 Continuing Education for the CIPSS Training Program. Participation is limited to IPS trained folx in Maine.

“Intentional Peer Support is about social change”

In looking to transform the power imbalances in the mental health system, we look to also be aware of where other power imbalances exist and mitigate their harms.

Race is a unique dynamic in this conversation, because of its egregiously hateful history, the pervasive effects of which are still felt today in every realm of culture (even in places where we might not be able to see them).

We hope that after this training, you’re able to recognize places in your everyday life where racism exists, and how you can most effectively practice antiracism.

Core part of IPS is “new ways of thinking” – we should always be open to that.

This training is solely meant to be a foundational offering of information to an incredibly expansive topic that is incredibly relevant and imperative to our work in Intentional Peer Support

This class will be facilitated by Danny Kochanowski and Mindy Smith