You learn ancient symbols to strengthen your Reiki energy, send Reiki long distance to people and situations, and heal emotions.

Reiki 2 will allow you to become a professional healer, you will find the strengthen of your Reiki increases due to your knowledge of symbols and your second attunement. I will provide you with symbols for emotional, mental & distance healing.

When: 19 June 2021

Investment: $290

What will you learn:

Into into Level 2

First & second & third Pillar of Reiki

Further sacred Reiki symbols and their importance

Understand how Reiki 2 attunement will affect your life

Learn how to send Reiki across time and space (distant Reiki)

New possibilities with Reiki 2

Reiki Hypnosis

Combining Reiki with other Healing disciplines

Use of the symbols given to you in Reiki level 2 can help you reach goals, keep you motivated, improve memory, and clear patterns of behavior. The Reiki symbols can also help with any past life trouble as well as trauma in this life. When you use the distant healing symbol you no longer need to be physically present with someone to give them Reiki.

What you will receive:

Comprehensive Level 2 Manual

Reiki 2 attunement

Certified Reiki 2 practitioner certificate

The ability to become a professional healer

On going support throughout your healing career

A $50 deposit is required to secure your place, remaining due on day 🙂 payment plans can be arranged please message me

To find out more about Kati and check out her reviews you can go to:

IG: @Katisdivinehealing

FB: DivineHealing

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