In this workshop, you will learn to speak the language of astrology and understand the influences of your birth chart!

Going beyond the basic meaning of your Sun sign- i.e. your “zodiac sign”- workshop attendees will gain an understanding of how the various placements of the planets in your birth chart interact with each other to create a picture of the complex, unique individual that is you.

What are your strengths? Weaknesses? What about your birth chart has informed your success in business or love? How have the planets conspired to put you in alignment with unique opportunities? How has the unique alignment of your planets created particular obstacles for you in your development?

Tamara will use your personalized charts and examples from famous figures- including Marylin Monroe- to dig into specific astrological details and arm you with unique insights you can’t get from your daily horoscope.About the teacher: Tamara Crowe, a Capricorn Sun (extremely practical) with a Pisces Moon (extremely mystical), has been studying astrology for 36 years in order to gain a deeper understanding of who the hell she is, and who the hell all of you nice people are;) Tamara combines esoteric insights with a pragmatic approach, offering an experience for any experience or knowledge level.

Attendees will leave with a personalized Natal Chart, a roughly $100 value on its own.

Note: Tamara will need your birthdate, time of birth, and place of birth at time of registration to create a personalized natal chart for you. Please send these details ASAP via email: