CHAKRADANCE™ is a dance practice for the soul. It is about reconnecting back to your true essence or true self.

This Chakradance workshop “Base to Crown – Chakra Spring Celebration” is like embarking on a spiritual journey.

We will be exploring each chakra (from base to crown) through specific music, guided imagery, and your own free spontaneous dance. This begins to activate inner experiences – it is almost like entering into a waking dream. Some of you may see images in your minds’ eye while you are dancing or recall memories or gain insights. You also may experience feelings, emotions, or physical sensations.

Chakradance is an organic unfolding of what’s inside. If a chakra is imbalanced you will get indicators, you may find the music doesn’t resonate for you, or become distracted (such as thinking of you shopping list, or what you’re having for dinner etc) or find your dance stilted.

In CHAKRADANCE™ I ask you to be mindful of your experiences, to observe them, to witness them.

This workshop is a 3 hour journey inwards. It is important to be gentle with yourself, take it at your own pace. It is about going deep within and seeing what is, being with what is. It is about listening to your soul and moving towards healing.

We begin with an opening meditation, a warm-up dance and then we dance through the seven chakras starting with the Base Chakra and dancing up through each chakra to the Crown. We will then spend some time creating a mandala art piece have sharing and feedback time and close with a finial meditation.

Overall this workshop is dynamic and will help balance and rejuvenate the body and soul for health and wellbeing.

Date:22nd August 2021

Time : 2.00pm –

Where: The Sanctuary @ Riverdell

– Rachel -x-