Physical, emotional and spiritual getaway through Tantra.

Develop an intelligent and emotional sexuality that helps you grow and openly express yourself, that creates a deeper bond with your partner and wires your intimate relationship in a way you never thought would be possible. Channel your sexual energy towards cultivating trustful and transformational union. Let sexuality connect you to a higher state of consciousness.

🌟 This session is facilitated by an InnerCamp friend, Hakima Tantrika.


Your Facilitator – Hakima Tantrika

Hakima is a Sex, Love, & Relationship coach, writer and educator. She has been embodying the essence of Tantra and dedicating herself to the extensive study of Tantric cosmo-vision for the past 10 years. Hakima made it her life’s mission to teach men and women how to navigate the realm of relationships based on Tantra teachings.

As a freelance writer, she has contributed to Karma Tantric, Hello Love, Sexual Tendencies, Sexography, The Ascent, and P.S. I Love You — among many other publications, where she covers lifestyle topics and all things sex, love and relationships.