New Moon Cacao Ceremony for all Womben who are hearing the call to be in Circle & Sisterhood

Here is an invitation to women to gather in circle & create together a sacred sanctuary of sisterhood, in honour of ourselves, to share our hearts & our journey so far in this life time.

Cacao known as the ‘Medicine of the Heart’ will be offered to all Womben


New moon is the time of the month, 2 weeks after full moon, often we tend to feel tired, inward & vulnerable.

Back in ancient times women would gather at New Moon in a Moon lodge or Red Tent.

This would have been a sacred time for us to share, support & encourage each other, to tune in together & deeper our relationship to self & the wisdom of the moon

It’s also a potent & powerful time to create intentions for the next lunar cycle & beyond


This New Moon falls in the sign of airy Gemini.

New Moons usually call us forward to be still, but with the Moon setting in Gemini & embodying the element of Air, it may feel quite busy & extroverted, but..this is were our gifts lie!

This Moon also lands on an annual Solar Eclipse

This special cosmic event will feel like a big push from the universe, asking you to get things done, set your goals! settle the mind & focus

A perfect time for renewing & intention setting

So bring with you your open hearts, your voice & your intentions & come together in Full Circle in a safe space & be in remembrance & always in celebration!


Cacao is used as a heart opening medicine for you to safely experience awakening, revelation and inner healing. She assists in sacred ritual, helping to root your intentions & negative emotions can be released, with this we are able to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our body.


•Pen & Paper/journal

•Bottle of water

•Yoga Matt & blanket (For meditation purposes)

If you are currently going though a financial transition due to current circumstances & would like to attend for your own personal journey, then please reach out to me & we can arrange something that feels good for you

This ceremony will be held in Basingstoke & the space is to be announced very soon