Yoga Nidra the art of transformational sleep. Reshape your life and destiny.

Yoga nidra with affirmations is a gentle, sleep-based guided meditation practice where you don’t have to “do” anything but lie down, get comfortable, and listen to the teacher’s voice. Among its many benefits, it can help you: finally feel rested, resolve sleep issues, manifest your intentions, increase your creativity and focus, explore your inner world, and experience peace. Yoga Nidra is accessible to everyone– no yoga or meditation experience required. Even first time meditators can experience a deep state of relaxation. We will dive deep into pairing Yoga Nidra with affirmations. Each week we will explore a different theme.

You are welcome to bring blankets, pillows, eye pillows, and whatever else you need to feel supremely comfortable. Wear comfortable clothing and socks. All cell phones must be turned off or left in your car. There is a separate room where everyones personal belongings will be stored. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. This is a 45 min class.

Safety and Cleanliness

Boutique studio furnished with state of the art ultraviolet air purifier which DESTROYS, viruses bacteria, mold, spores, and more. Social distancing measures to insure safety of attendees. Masks are required to attend class. Hand sanitizers will be placed at the door. Please DO NOT come in if you think you might be sick, you may be asked to leave. There is a capacity of 6 people. Please be mindful.

My intention is to support your mind, body, and spirit at every level.

Divine Yoga Nidra 2