A dreamy guided meditation on the beach in beautiful Santorini. While the sun is setting we will meditate & then we will all enjoy a wine!

There’s no better time to explore Meditation for yourself than on holiday in paradise – Santorini! This will be a light hearted experience suitable for all, no matter how busy minded you are.

Jordie will guide you through a Meditation practice including breathwork, which will allow you to feel present and connect deeply in your body, experiencing profound fulfilment and connection from within. This is a detox for all the ‘stuff’ that you carry emotionally and mentally and a way to anchor you more easily into a Meditation state.

You will be fully guided on this experience to deeply connect to your breath, mind, body and soul. You will come away feeling relaxed and connected to all areas of your life.

Jordie comes with 5 years experience of practice across many countries where she has adapted many tools for different teachings.

Jordie is also passionate with manifestation and can include this in the class if it’s something you may be interested in. Jordie welcomes your questions or chats before the session starts so please reach out or welcome to come a little earlier.

Dreamy sunset meditation by the beach with wine 2
Dreamy sunset meditation by the beach with wine 3
Dreamy sunset meditation by the beach with wine 4