A guided meditation whilst clearing energy via Reiki & Pranic healing then a sound bath: Crystal bowls, Medicine drum, Didgeridoo & Gong

This is no ordinary monthly meditation, each month will be slightly different and tailored to what I intuitively feel is required at that present time.

I will guide you through a journey via meditation and energy Healing (Reiki & Pranic) you do not need any experience in meditation to attend this you will be fully supported.

We will end with a vibrational sound healing via chakra crystal sound bowls, chimes, shamanic medicine drumming, didgeridoo and the gong.

I will be connecting with your spiritual guides and the collective Energy to do some group Energy Healing and Spiritual Energy downloads.

As you continue to progress on your personal path of ascension, you may experience a common phenomenon that’s often referred to as spiritual energy downloads.

The term download is a metaphor used to explain the process of receiving an influx of knowledge, higher light frequency, awareness, or receiving consciousness updates to the programs within your mental and physical operating system.

You are all “doing the work”, and observing your mind, observing your actions and taking notice of where you’re thinking or acting out of alignment with what you really want. These downloads assist and support you on your soul purpose.

It really comes down to being a true light being in every way… Acting, thinking, and feeling in integrity and alignment with your highest Divine truth. Because when you’re centered, clear and present… That which you’ve downloaded, that light of the infinite, the light of truth naturally springs up from within you.

In the present moment, you become able to receive the inspirations needed to create value to do your work in the world and to make a difference.


I am willing to embody the highest Divine Consciousness available to me now.

I am willing to let Love & Light Consciousness embody through my personality and through my physical being.

I am willing to let go of the old programs and beliefs that are no longer serving me.

I am a sovereign being of light

These affirmations will support you on your path of embodiment in becoming more of the Divine Being you authentically are.

To find out more about the facilitator please go to:

Tickets will be $28 plus booking fee, however due to restrictions numbers are limited

I will also be offering this online for $15 +fee please note the energy work and downloads work just as-well online 🙂

Energetic Meditation & Sound healing in person or online 2
Energetic Meditation & Sound healing in person or online 3
Energetic Meditation & Sound healing in person or online 4