Experience new levels of Elemental Alignment during this 5 day/4 night Energy Healing & Empowerment Retreat. Experience. Expand. Explore.
Energy Healing Relationship Retreat 2

Join us on the upcoming Journey Through The Elements​ Empowerment Retreat where you will experience firsthand the medicine of Earth, Air, Fire and Water available to you in this tropical paradise.

We will release the old, usher in the new, swim in sacred waters, climb ancient Mayan Ruins, build lasting relationships and more!

Treat yourself to a 5 day & 4 night transformational journey in the Ancient City of Tulum, México. We will be resting on the white sand beach and enjoying interactive workshops and activities to heal, inspire and power up the Mind, Body & Spirit.

Are you ready to invest in your wellbeing and experience new levels of yourself? Our workshops and activities are geared to engage and awaken the elements within you.

Energy Healing Relationship Retreat 3

Replenish your body through interactive exercise and healthy local and indigenous meals. Learn practical ways to ground balance and rejuvenate your energy in times of stress and anxiety. (Earth Medicine)

Release the emotions that no longer serve you to find inner peace and harmony. Reconnect with your inner guidance to discover your inner wisdom. Connect with your intuitive nature, the Source of Life, ancestors and like-minded individuals on your similar path. (Water Medicine)

Clear and Awaken your mind to your limitless potential. Use the power of your breath, words, and mind to communicate with your authentic self. Let go of limiting beliefs, guilt, shame, and programming preventing you from the Divinity and power seeking to emerge through you. (Air Medicine)

Be inspired, get motivated, activate the fire within and reconnect with your passion for life. Fuel your Mind & Body with powerful affirmations, information and energy transmissions. (Fire Medicine)

Enjoy all the beauty and healing that the Caribbean waters, sacred land and indigenous people have to offer you.

We offer a combination of products and services (Ether) available for all attendees:

  • Clear your chakras, reclaim your energy and increase your powers of manifestation
  • Create a new life narrative and positive self-talk to continue your transformation in your daily life
  • Gain clarity and guidance in you next phase in life through in depth intuitive sessions
Energy Healing Relationship Retreat 4


Group Departs from Cancun Airport at 4p**

Aura Energy Clearings

Welcome Dinner: Intentions, Introductions & Journaling

Energy Healing Relationship Retreat 5


Sunrise Rituals


Workshop 1

Tulum Mayan Ruins Tour


Jungle Bike Ride

Workshop 2


Energy Healing Relationship Retreat 6


Sunrise Rituals


Cenote Swimming Tour

Light Lunch*

Workshop 3

Crystal Energy Healing w/Amora

Light Dinner or Fasting*

Energy Healing Relationship Retreat 7


Sunrise Rituals


FREE DAY: Excursions | One-on-One Sessions with Amora/Riziki Available*

Farewell Dinner

Closing Ceremony

Energy Healing Relationship Retreat 8


Sunrise Rituals

Sunrise Group Beach Photoshoot

Breakfast at the Hotel

Group departs from Tulum to Cancun Airport at 11:00a for 1:00p arrival at Cancun Airport**

*Not included

**If guest flight comes in earlier/later than group travel times, guest is responsible for their own way to/from the Cancun Airport and Tulum

Energy Healing Relationship Retreat 9


Transfer from Cancun to Tulum

5 Days & 4 Nights Accommodations

Beachfront Hotel Lodging

Daily Breakfast and Some Meals

Energy Healer’s Swag Bag ($250 Value)

Daily Energy Work w/ Amora & Riziki

Workshops w/ Riziki

Elemental Alchemy Ritual w/ Amora

Crystal Energy Healing w/ Amora

Professional Retreat Travel Photographer

Excursion: Jungle Bike Ride

Excursion: Tour of Mayan Ruins

Excursion: Cenote Swimming Tour

Tips for retreat meals, excursions & housekeeping are included in all package prices. We always attempt to work with indigenous Mayan tour guides, drivers, etc. for all of our experiences.

Energy Healing Relationship Retreat 10


Flight to Cancun

Daily Lunch & Some Dinners

Additional Excursions

Beverages at included meals

Travel Insurance (recommended)

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