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MixPose Live Stream Online Yoga is a livestream platform specifically devoted to yoga and fitness classes. We offer a unique AI pose-tracking technology that provides feedback to instructors and users, creating a more interactive and specialized experience for virtual yoga. We provide beginner friendly Online Yoga and there are Free Yoga and Online Yoga classes every week!

Wellness has always been an important issue for us. COVID19 has resulted in more and more people staying home and gyms/yoga studios closing down. We want to better the experience of live stream exercising as well as tackle the growing problem of loneliness.

We are devoted to developing a yoga community and improving health, all while in the comfort of your home. As we are starting up, we have many free yoga and online yoga classes from wonderful online yoga instructors available multiple times a day. We welcome all ages and levels of experience to join – Simply sign up and join a class to start!

See more information about our live stream yoga platform and sign up for free yoga classes on our MixPose site!

How to Attend Your First Free Live-Stream Yoga Class

Use Web, iOS or Android at

In order to attend the class for FREE please use the web.

About the Yoga Class

Classical Pilates flow combined with your favorite yoga stretches. This class will focus on strengthening your core with a combination of stretches that will open up your entire body. You will leave the class feeling strong and flexible.

Free 60 Minute Virtual Online Yoga with Shing Yiing Ong — QC 2
Free 60 Minute Virtual Online Yoga with Shing Yiing Ong — QC 3