This class is in-person at Bayside Meditation’s physical office, including short lecture and meditation.

Anxiety is number one triggers in poor decision making. Being mindful and taking decisions mindfully is key to a happy and fulfilled life.

We all live mindlessly, unaware of our judging mind, constantly evaluating and comparing because it is easier to avoid and continue life on ‘autopilot.’ Through meditation we all become more consciously aware on how to mindfully problem solve.

You will be working closely with the meditation helper at a safe, open space in private setting. You will learn how to be aware of our thoughts, feelings, surrounding environment without judgement allows you to portray these qualities on to others. You will notice a sudden change of perception in life and happiness with in. How we feel and how we carry our life impacts ourselves and others drastically.

Let’s work together and make wholesome decisions!

To attend this event, everyone must wear a mask. Everyone will be asked to check the temperature & use hand sanitizer at the door.