meet that place of ease within

If you have never meditated, or you’ve tried and given up, or you have been meditating for years and you are not feeling connected and at ease within yourself then come along to this class to experience a very simple method to become present to the moment.

In this Guided Meditation experience you are invited to connect in with yourself. When we connect in with our physical senses, in that moment of awareness of sensation we are not thinking, we are tuning into felt sense. In other words, we are not using the mind to reach that place of connection, we are ignoring our thoughts and ‘feeling in’ to sensation instead. When you connect many of these moment-by-moment sensations you are meditating. The result is you feel more connected to yourself; your mind clears and you have a sense of wellbeing.

This Guided Meditation practice that invites being in your body in the moment is also called embodiment. Embodiment is how we heal from trauma.

It’s a practice that will change your life!

Therese Farnham is a counsellor and meditation teacher and the creator and owner of The Meditation Hut; a beautiful garden studio situated in the heart of Ballina. The studio was created to be a platform to teach and share the tools for positive transformation.

Classes are weekly.

Mondays and Wednesdays 7.30pm-8.30pm Booking essential

Casual class $15.

Block booking of 5 consecutive classes $50.

To book a block of 5 contact Therese for payments details.