Heal Your Life | Chakra Scanning & Energy Healing 1

Heal Your Life | Chakra Scanning & Energy Healing

03/25/2021 - 03/25/2021
Opening at
06:00 PM
Closed at
09:00 PM


Healing for Good Health and Happiness

Be Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and in a Good Relationship using the universal laws and principles of Subtle Energy!

Spend 1 hour of your time and experience Acugraph Aura Scanning, Healing & Counselling to have a healthier happier life anytime between 6 to 9 pm.

Pranic Healing is a no-touch energy-based system that utilizes energy, prana or chi to balance the energy processes in the body, thereby improving a wide range of physical and psychological ailments.

Come with an open mind and see how you can use the universal energy for healing and empowerment.

Limited seats available.

The event is open to all and strictly by appointment. Please confirm your participation via whatsapp at 012 686 3550.