Mallorca/ Hiking, yoga & cacao

Hiking in nature benefits us physically, mentally and emotionally. There are many studies about the benefits of walks in nature.

The experience of connecting with nature in a conscious way, with a forest bath or by cliffts, helps to reduce stress allowing us to enjoy the silence, the peace of the sound of birds, a river and our own footsteps in a group.

Practicing yoga in a studio with candles, incense and music is great, but nothing compares to exercising outside and being able to breathe the fresh air, feel the rays of the sun on our skin and listen to the soft rustle of the leaves.

The cacao ceremonies is a centuries- old ritual that seems to be the best opener for the heart. In addition to being packed with vitamins and minerals, cacao increases blood flow to the brain, helping to strengthen perception and concentration.

Hiking, yoga & cacao 2