Be initiated into a Meditation Practice to overcome anxiety, depression, fear by transmuting those feeling into peace, love and happiness.


Himalayan Sattva Meditation is a Mantra and Kriya based Meditation technique stemming from the Himalayan Yoga-Vedantic tradition.

This is a comprehensive, simple and effective technique which consists of breath-work, kriya and mantra. When practiced daily, it benefits all aspects on ones life (overcoming anxiety, depression, fears, as well as experiencing peace, love, gratitude, happiness and more).

In this class you will be initiated into a Himalayan Meditation Practice, with the intention to integrate this beautiful practice into your daily life.

Classes are every Thursday at 4:30pm

Meditation Single Class $15 or

Meditation Initiation Course $108 Monthly includes Mala Beads

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Note: Spaces are limited to 6 students due to practicing social distancing. If you are interested in being initiated into a Meditation Practice One-on-One, please contact me.

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Himalayan Sattva Meditation Class 3
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