Discover what a 1200 pound animal that doesn’t speak English can teach you about yourself.

Day 1: Who chooses you…the Selection

On day one, the first thing you will do is breathe. We encourage you to exhale the outside world and inhale a piece of nature and serenity. When you walk into the stable, you will find yourself becoming grounded and centered as we greet the horses for the first time. It is on this day through a process where one of the horses will ‘choose’ you. Something about this particular horse will resonate with you more than the others and that will be the horse that you will bond with for the time you are here. Learn to understand personalities, relationships and how we adapt to situations and the value that each of us have to help become more, confident, loving (of yourself and others) as we begin our journey.

Day 2: The Connection

The first part of the day you connect, understand and relate to your new partner as step outside your own skin for a time to learn more about the horse that chose you. We play games, have discussion and do simulations as we engage with the horses. Through a series of exercises, we begin to see and feel the spirit of these amazing animals and what they have to teach us.

In the afternoon, you get more time to engage with your horse and we start to learn the language and communicate with them. Communication with a totally different species helps take us out of our comfort zone and to a place where we start to see what building rapport, understanding respect through healthy boundaries, and refining relationships really starts to look like. We start to learn what each horse needs to feel safe, comfortable and inspired to connect with us.

Day 3: Peeling back the Onion…the Discovery

On the morning of Day 3, we now are beginning to understand our partners better and have more skill in communication. This is where we tap into their needs (and ours). This is where the truth starts to emerge. This is where Jen brings in the adaptive skills to present what each individual needs in that moment. Discover the stumbling blocks and gaps of what is holding you back from where you want to be. This is where the truth starts to emerge.

Day 4: Integration

This is it!! The time to ride (or not if you so choose and depending on your horse). We integrate all the skills and knowledge we have learned and put it to the next natural step, riding with our partners. Unlike other “riding” experiences, you have taken the time to develop rapport and relationship through natural communication and now it’s time to step up! Literally! Focus, flow, energy, persistence, certainty, and confidence play a huge role in this. On this last day we take all we’ve learned and integrate it in an experiential way to reshape the way we look at life, love and ourselves.


All meals are included and in a community setting, custom to your dietary needs, organic when possible, and with health and wellness in mind.

Any necessary transfers to and from local hotels are available via Uber, Lyft, etc.

All necessary equipment and ancillary needs associated to the being around and handling horses are provided.

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