Give your children the gift of learning meditation and it will serve them the rest of their lives

Your children will love our Kids Meditation with Horses! They will learn some valuable life skills, enjoy some social time with other children, and have some wonderful outdoor time in the fresh air with horses!🐴❤️

BONUS: Social time in the fresh air for parents too!👩🏼‍🦰🧑🏽👩🏼

Meditation can help children read and respond to internal signals of stress, and it helps them become more mindful of what is happening in their bodies. Practicing meditation teaches them to observe their breath and learn how to relax their mind and body.

Join Svetlana Esposito as she teaches children to quiet their minds to help them with focus, relaxation, empathy, sleep, creativity, and stress. She introduces meditation in a fun way, by incorporating imagination, and teaches them the skills they need to practice in sessions and at home.

Children will have time to interact with horses and experience their therapeutic energy, in addition to exploring breathing exercises as they practice meditation in short intervals. They’ll also learn how to play singing bowls, build crystal grids, and pick out a superpower rock to take home with them!

Benefits of meditation include:

-Better sleep

-Reduced anxiety

-Improved self-esteem

-Ability to focus and study

-Reduced levels of stress

This event is open to children ages 4-12.