Traditional Hatha Yoga classes, incorporating asana, pranayama, mantra, philosophy and meditation.

Weekly themes for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Kirra Hill Community and Cultural Centre is hands down one of the best locations to do yoga on the Gold Coast. Ocean view, sounds and fresh sea breeze free of charge!

NEW – Buy a 9 Week Program for $110.00 (save $70.00)

Starting Monday 14 June – Monday 9 August

This is our new nine week Chakra and Energy Healing Series starting Monday June 14 for $110.00!!

Each week has a different focus to work deeply into the muscles & joints, greater energy, emotional regulation and better sleep patterns, all through our weekly themes: Chakra & Energy Healing.

Class #1 (Monday 14 June)

Reclaiming Your Voice: for powerfully activating the throat chakra; reigniting a strong hunger for truth & authentic expression of yourself!

Book now (final call for discount is at 9pm Sunday night) for massive discount for you get going on your regular yoga practice! Feel the benefits of a weekly yoga practice.

Buy 9 week program now for $110.00!

Bring a blanket, a pair of socks & your own mat (spares available.)

Important message: We have shifted to 5.30pm start.

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