Level 1 Shamanism with Matthew Greenwood

Saturday 31st July & Sunday1st August 2021

Time: 9.30am – 5pm

Cost: $475

Location: Riverdell Spiritual Centre, in Karawirra.

Matthew will help you to read auras using the strengths and abilities you have – whatever level you are at. This workshop is very good for everyone from people just starting out to practitioners wanting more. It is extremely useful for practitioners in maintaining their energy and avoiding burnout. Also you will learn techniques in opening up your abilities that will help you through your whole life to stay strong, grounded and ready for anything!

DAY 1:


  • Honesty and Personal Responsibility
  • Foundations of healing
  • Seeing the energy games people play
  • Understanding the controlling nature of sub-personalities
  • Learning to trust yourself
  • Having strong boundaries
  • Active meditation
  • Techniques in keeping clean space
  • Keeping a stronger connection with Spirit

DAY 2:

  • A close look at the Aura and Chakras
  • Connecting with your Spirit Guides
  • How to connect with your Past Lives and Inner Child
  • Learning to work with your Guides in a Healing or Reading session
  • Hands on reading other people’s Aura

Booklets provided

About the facilitator, Matthew Greenwood:

Matthew has been involved with counselling, personal, psychic and spiritual development and Shamanic healing practises since 1990. He is actively involved in sharing his skills and knowledge through workshops, public speaking, personal mentoring and counselling. He is based in South Australia and travels to Western Australia, Queensland and New Zealand on a regular basis with his work. In his workshops and counselling, he teaches people how to be self-aware of anything on a negative or controlling level that is affecting them Physically, Mentally, Emotionally or Spiritually. This helps people to find freedom and a greater sense of connection with their potential. As well as being able to see Beings who are here for our Personal Growth, Matthew also has the ability to see negative entities that sometimes link in with fears and anxieties within us, hampering our growth. Not only does he help to clear those negative energies, but he teaches practitioners and those who are interested how to do the same.