Experience the life-changing, world-shifting wisdom of an amazing gathering of international wayshowers at the 18th Annual Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo Feb. 7-10, 2020!

We are bringing together a fantastic, eclectic, expansive community of speakers, exhibitors, musicians, authors, artists, researchers and visionaries, dynamically converging for a 4-day explosion of collective consciousness to explore paradigm-shifting advancements in health, science, spirituality, vitality and expressive arts.

Multiple exhibit halls! A vast array of workshops, lectures, panels and special events with popular authors, teachers and luminaries. Programa en Español, Music, Expressive Arts, Talent Show, Food, Live Stream. Come to the party! Post Conference too Feb. 10!

Advance Early Bird discounted tickets available online! Check out our package deals!

Gaia is the official live stream partner of Conscious Life Expo 2020. Learn more here!