Join Authentic&Auhlined for our Manifest Workshop

It is time to energetically release the old and step fourth on the new path that life has been calling out for you to do.

“What you are seeking is seeking you” Rumi

Come Join us with Authentic&Auhlined for evening of fun and scared self care through ancient healing practices. Where we will release the old and manifest the new to honor your greatest desires within.

What you can expect:

Educational talk on Samskaras

Write down and release old negative thoughts/emotions

Manifest and call in the new you want for 2021

Guided Sleep Based Yoga Nidra to actualize and manifest your new intentions and heal within

Please Bring:

A Yoga Mat



Wear A Mask

Things to keep in mind:

At this event we will honor all CDC Guidelines and Socially Distance ourselves.

With that being said please do not come if you are feeling ill or are sick.

Let’s Stay Safe and Manifest The new together.


Lindsay Morgan