Experience varying styles of meditation over 5 weeks

Words from the facilitator, Pame Price…

“Over the course of the term/year meditation participants will experience varying styles of meditation – including – Silence, Sound Bath, Yoga Nidra, A variety of Guided, Deeper Spiritual experiences (raising your vibration), Mantras, Breathing techniques, Chakras Meditation, Full Moon meditation, Crystal healing.. Following the meditation (unless silent) there will be an opportunity to share experiences, also I will discuss varying topics in regard to spirituality, at times being shown ways to open your intuition and how to maintain a more peaceful life

In these sessions: It is not necessary to sit in the lotus position (cross legged) you can sit on a chair and unless requested otherwise (due to the style of meditation) you may choose to lay down. This meditation course is generally recommended for those who have experienced some form of meditation.

What to expect:

Meditation – some group discussion, session may include, choosing a card, healing techniques, information on varying topics on improving one’s life, Feeling more calm in your life.

There are so many benefits to meditation, it has been proven to calm the mind, bring more joy into one’s life, ease or clear Mental Health Issues, and a chance to enjoy the simple things in life through letting go of the clutter that controls one’s life. I see it as a slow and gentle process of change for the better. Enabling one to see the clarity not the clutter. Now available to people from all walks of life, I see meditation as one of the most valuable assets to humanity.

Key learnings from this meditation program:

Because of the variety of meditation, attendants, will get to discover which form of meditation suits them best. Rather than going outside of yourself for happiness, the opportunity to discover going within oneself, not only improves your well-being it also helps with dealing with life’s challenges.

The benefits of attending:

Relaxing your mind and body, learning to let go, listening to your inner voice, taking time for YOU. There are so many benefits, however I see it manly unwrapping the best You which then has a positive ripple effect to all around you.


The event starts by entering quietly, reading any information on the table as you walk in, marking your name off and if a pack of cards are present, choosing one.

Finding your space and sitting in silence until you are guided into the meditation set for that evening, there is usual a display in the centre of the circle which adds to the meditation. Following the meditation taking anything of up to 45 mins – 1hr. You will be asked to open eyes and apart from the Silent Meditation where you arrive and depart in silence: there will be sharing (if you wish to), about the meditation. Question time ,Followed by a talk on a topic that fits with the meditation or life.

Dates: Term 3 Tuesday evenings (5 sessions)

20th July

3rd August

17th August

31st August

14th September

Time: 7:00 p.m. –8:30 p.m.

Cost: $60

Location: Riverdell Spiritual Centre (in the Sanctuary)

What to bring:

Wear comfortable clothes, bottle of water, a shawl or rug if you feel the cold. you may be asked to bring something along if it is required for the meditation,

About the facilitator, Pame Price…

I have been on this journey for over 40plus years. Starting with a Meditation group in Grote Street Adelaide. Living at Kangaroo Flat it took me nearly an hour to drive to and from the fortnight evening group. This lead me deep on a journey of exploration in many areas outside of everyday existence. Including. Psychic Development Classes, achieving qualifications and learning in Numerology, Tarot, Meditation, Crystal healing, Touch for health, EFT, Past and Parallel Lives, Reiki and Sechim Master, Astrology, Tree of life and Kabbalah, Diploma in Counselling, and many other courses. I have appeared on T.V and Radio. Held Women’s Retreat and been on spiritual journeys to Egypt and India. I have been in private practice for over 30 years: Listening Ears: I now choose to continue doing the work I love including passing on the information I have gained over my years though at a lesser pace, not ready yet to fully hang up my ‘badge’, choosing now to finish a novel I have been writing for some years, longer strolls in nature, and time spent other things I love, in particular grandchildren. I am still married to the same guy I met forever ago! and along with our adult children we are blessed with 5 grandchildren and two granddogs.

For more information feel free to visit or phone the office on 8523 1329 during business hours.