Each monthly retreat is inspired by the beauty and wealth of the seasons.

Wind down and switch off with our highly esteemed and coveted Mini Meditation Retreat to enliven the senses, connect with nature, others and self on a deeper level.

Each month we offer a unique retreat that explores the energy of the seasons, five elements, seasonal food and organ health.

It is our pleasure to offer you a retreat like no other. Feel totally at ease and taken care of as we take you on a slow meditative journey.

Included in the 2 hours

– Affirmation card for you to keep

– Herbal tea available to drink throughout the retreat

– All the props you need (blankets, bolsters) to set yourself for your meditation journey

– Fluid & meditative asana practice to ease the mind and feed the soul

– Enriching series of guided meditations that will allow you connect with the five elements, five senses and nature

Leave feeling the after-glow effects of our Mini Meditation Retreat: calmness, peacefulness, more energy, greater vitality, new insights, bursts of creativity, epiphanies and clarity of mind.

SUNDAY JUNE 20 | 1.30 PM TO 3.30PM | Winter Solstice – Transitions & Signals

SUNDAY JULY 18 | 1.30 PM TO 3.30PM | Sublime Pleasure & Healing

SUNDAY AUGUST 15 | 1.30 PM TO 3.30PM | Creating a Motion for Change & Transitions

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 19 | 1.30 PM TO 3.30PM | Spring Equinox – Wellspring of Life

SUNDAY OCTOBER 17 | 1.30 PM TO 3.30PM | Way of the Harmonious Spirit & Seeking Harmony

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 21 | 1.30 PM TO 3.30PM | A Life of Intention & Love

SUNDAY DECEMBER 12 | 1.30 PM TO 3.30PM | Summer Solstice – Devine Gratitude