The Naad Yoga Teacher Training is a course designed for those who feel called to explore the depth of their being through the medium of Sound, and to support their community as teachers, performers and leaders.

The path of the Naad Yoga Teacher is a calling and those who walk it successfully share some characteristics:

  • A passion for both learning and teaching
  • Self – discipline and determination
  • An interest in self-exploration and self-inquiry
  • A readiness to take on responsibility, both for themselves as well as the welfare of their students
  • An open mind to see and listen beyond what is visible.

This course guides you to master the communication between mind and soul, to increase your emotional agility and to strengthen your inner balance. You will receive comprehensive training in the field of Sound, including:

Vocal training: discover the power of your voice.

Listening skills: hearing the truth beyond words.

Meditation & Sound: connect deeply to your mind and soul

The healing power of Sound and its practical application: your body is the shadow of your thoughts, master it!

Composition and performance: emotional agility and personal mastery.

How to play the Dilruba – the best tool to build your voice.

The Naad Yoga Teacher Training a three-year programme and covers the six grades of learning. It covers all aspects of Naad Yoga and provides a solid foundation for personal practise, teaching and performance.

Each year follows a similar structure:

  • 16 weeks of self-guided learning with online lessons and course materials, to be completed within 16 weeks.
  • 36 hours of LIVE group classes delivered either monthly (4 hours per month)
  • 36 hours of teaching with Yogi Professor Surinder Singh on an intensive residential week, in the first and second years.
  • In the third year, a two-week trip to India with Yogi Professor Surinder Singh replaces 3 of the monthly classes (or one weekend in case of the quarterly course structure) and the annual Intensive Retreat.

Starting in the second year, you can begin with the Sangat & Seva module. It gives you 1 hour of teaching experience per week (40 hours per year) under the guidance of specialist teachers. By the time Level 1 is complete, this amounts to a total of 120h of teaching experience. The Sangat & Seva module is a core module of the Naad Yoga Teacher Training, providing you with the practical experience to qualify as a teacher upon completing your course.