Slow down, let go, tune in, recharge, renew. Remember who you with a three-day retreat hidden away in amongst the gumtrees at Riverdell.

Slow down, let go, tune in, recharge, renew. Remember who you with a three-day retreat hidden away in amongst the gumtrees at Riverdell Spiritual Centre. Give yourself permission to simply be and honour the season of slowing down.

A wholesome 3 day two night retreat, designed for students of all levels to dive deeper and discover the benefits of mindfulness practices.

Seasons once used to determine how we lived our lives, with being active and outdoors in spring, summer and early autumn. As the weather got cooler in winter, activity slowed down. Groups gathered around the fire, telling stories, spending time together and relaxing, so that everyone was well rested and rejuvenated when the demands of the new season came. In the 21st century our yang lifestyle demands consistent levels of activity and productivity all year round, but this really goes against nature. It seems that there is no need to slow down anymore, we always push and go at the same pace. When winter comes, we still feel the need to rest, reflect and connect with ourselves on a deeper level.

We will be moving through

· Ceremony,

· Pranayama Workshop (Breathing Techniques)

· Meditation & Yoga Nidra

· Yin Yoga

· Hatha Yoga

· Fire Release Ceremony

· Journaling

· Stillness

· Reflection

· Morning Yoga

· Ayurveda for Winter Wellness Informative Workshop from Jacqueline Iles from ‘Living Ayurveda’

· The Dark Side Compassion Workshop

· Cacao Ceremony

· Mala Bead Craft Workshop

· Closing Blessings circle

·Nourishing Winter Meals

All meals are plant powered, gluten free and vegan, accommodation, bedding and towels included.

What to bring:

· Comfortable Clothes (warm woolie socks encouraged)

· A blanket to use in Meditation and Savasana

· An open Mind

· Journal

· Drink Bottle

We become present in the NOW, letting go of the business of our yang society.

Spaces are limited, retreat from the exterior and take this time to dive deeply into self. A retreat of winter bliss, think all things nourishing and renewing yourself! As find inner quiet connection.

Date: 2nd-4th July 2021 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Time: Arrive 4.30pm for a 5pm start Friday. Finish at 3pm on Sunday.

Location: Riverdell Spiritual Centre (meet in the Sanctuary)

Cost: $420 for shared accommodation, $430 for Private Single accommodation, $460 for private Queen accommodation

Private Message to reserve your place – Spots Limited – Please Book to Avoid Missing Out

About the facilitators,

Jasmine Hornby:

I have been practicing yoga for around 5 years (minus my childhood years with mum in front of the VHS) Initially I pursued yoga as a physical practice but as I continued on my path I realised that practicing yoga was so much more than the physical.

In 2016 I completed my 200 hour Hatha & Yin Teacher Training at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali through the School of Sacred Arts. Since then I have completed my Pre-Natal teacher training and have just arrived home completely inspired from Peru after completing my advance 300 Hour Teacher Training with the Kula Collective.

I love my practice and teaching as it allows me space to soften, become present, digest and explore my experiences, sensations and thoughts.

I teach to provide individuals with a greater sense of self, moving back into their bodies and bringing the mind, body and breath back into union. I teach not just help the physical but the mental and emotional. I love watching people leave class feeling recharged and calm. My practice has helped me grow stronger both on and off the mat, and serves me as a daily reminder to live each moment more mindfully. Since my initial teacher training I have taught in many settings, in the local community through Bend and Mend, True North Yoga, Riverdell Spiritual Centre, Falls Festival and Well-Being programs in local schools and organisations

Maddi Watson:

What made me first complete my 200hr YTT was the drive to know more about this incredible practice that was slowly changing my life from the way I look at it to the way I felt within my body. Since then the learning hasn’t stopped. I have started to broaden my knowledge completing a 50hr Yin YTT, Meditation & Mindfulness Training, Philosophy and Yoga Nidra training as well as my Reiki 1. It was an honour to be asked to facilitate this retreat at Riverdell and I have truly put my all into it. I look forward to the deep connections and soul growth we will all endure over this weekend.