Learn everything you need to start your career as a healing breathwork instructor!

This online training focuses on conscious connected breathwork techniques.

The course includes psychology, sacred relationships, group dynamics, energy sublimation and transformation, spiritual coaching, bodywork and techniques to hold the space.

InnerCamp Online Healing Breathwork Certification Program is for anyone who wants to apply breathwork practices as a tool for inner healing, the health of body, mind, and spirit, and for becoming a professional breathwork guide and teacher.

The course is structured in a way that engages, encourages and compels you to put theory into practice in your own customized way. Our system gives you the time for integration, to embody the theory, concepts and practices we teach.




July 24 — August 15, 2021

Healing breathwork intensive

The first module is a life-changing healing experience. This module will provide a safe space for you to uncover and let go of past events and feelings that limit you. As you move into an expanded state of consciousness, your natural intuition can bring great insight, clarity, feelings of oneness and bliss.


August 16 — September 12, 2021

Healing Breathwork practitioner training

This module can be taken as a transformative experience to immerse yourself deeply in the practice. In the second module, you’ll dive deeper into your understanding of Healing Breathwork and you’ll expand your understanding of the tools and techniques available towards the self-mastering of the Healing Breathwork and awakening breathing techniques.


September 13 — October 9, 2021

Teaching practice

The techniques, tools and skills you have learned in the previous levels can now be used to confidently guide others in their process for transforming wounds, limiting beliefs, and blockages into acceptance and self-love.


Novvember 25 — 28, 2021

More retreats in 2022

Onsite Retreat in Málaga

This 4-day intensive Retreat will be your opportunity to practice all the techniques you have learned online, it will help you build a solid knowledge and experience. In the retreat, you will meet other students who in the same journey as you.It includes 3 night stay in a beautiful villa in Málaga (single room). The time schedule is from Friday 4pm until Monday 3pm.Please note if you decide not to attend our retreat, you will be certified upon completion of a final assignment.



Alexis Alcalá founder of InnerCamp

Alexis is a holistic coach and facilitator of transformation processes, and is also certified as a facilitator of Healing Breathwork, social meditations, and Reiki. He has worked in people management and as a mentor in Europe, Asia and Africa and has experience helping to promote people and companies of different sizes.On his journey, Alexis discovered that the body, mind and spirit are a beautiful interconnected network, which can heal itself in the right conditions. He works intuitively and uses his experience in transformation processes to create a safe space for healing and transformation.Alexis has been facilitating breathwork for over six years in Europe and Asia, has run more than 100 retreats and has participated in several hundreds of onsite and online events. He has been certified in three different breathwork schools.

Sara Tonini

Sara is an InnerCamp Healing Breathwork teacher, a holistic coach in the Arts of Embodiment and a catalyst for Wholeness. Speaking the language of the body and listening to the heart’s longings, she holds space for massive transformation and healing by guiding you into your most powerful and authentic expression. Sara holds a Doctorate in Social Science and she now combines the most recent findings from neuroscience with the wisdom from ancient traditions to catalyse changes on the deepest level of the subconscious. Her mission is to bring stressed out and overwhelmed human doings back to their being-ness with wonder and soulfulness.