We would like to reflect together on Aquarius. Does it bring about a Spiritual Revolution?

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Aquarius: Spiritual Revolution?

Mar 07: Aquarius, evolution or inner revolution?

Mar 14: Aquarius, The New Spiritual Dimensions

Mar 21: The transforming power of a Spiritual School
Aquarius is now making its apocalypse felt in the currents of universal life governing the evolution of the human life-wave, with liberating but also unmasking and revolutionary effects on the whole of humanity.
Jan van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri, The Apocalypse of the New Era, 1963
The Age of Aquarius has begun. The world is changing quickly, and humanity—all of us—changes with it. The results of the accelerating vibrations are being felt strongly all around the world. It seems as though we are caught in the throes of a revolution; most importantly, a spiritual revolution.
Our connection to this multi-faceted revolution depends upon our state of vibration with regard to our planet Earth, to Aquarius and the other constellations, to the other planets in our solar system, and above all to the divine Christ light—the Universal Light that is both the origin and the future of all things.
A positive reaction to this changing spiritual landscape can only result from a personal decision on our part to follow a path of spiritual development and to accept the consequences. Gnostic spiritual schools such as the School of the Golden Rosycross exist to help all seekers in this process of transformation and transfiguration.
The ability to react positively to the radiations of the Aquarian Era necessitates a new state of consciousness based on the renewal of the desire-life, the mentality and the will.
Catharose de Petri, Letters

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