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Learn about your body, food, the mind & breath in a simple & practical way to step away from fear and improve your health & well-being
  • Are You feeling exhausted and drained by the events of the past months and everything that’s going on over the past year?
  • Are You perhaps even scared and have been experiencing a lot of anxiety lately? Are you concerned about your Health & Wellbeing? Or maybe about your loved ones?
  • And are you maybe confused about foods & what the right nutrition is for you and how to boost your immune system ? Have you perhaps even been suffering from a chronic illness?
  • Have you had enough of being fearful or worried and would like to re-balance your body (and mind) and use this Spring Equinox to make a start & change?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, make sure you don’t miss this event and register your ticket quickly as spaces are limited. Especially if you are at a point where you feel it’s time to make a change about your health & wellbeing, let go of the fear, uncertainty and tension that you hold in your body.

So if you would like to understand your body better in a simple way and learn how you can make small but effective changes, then secure your spot and book this event into your calendar.

During this Workshop you’ll receive:

  • A simple yet powerful introduction how a holistic approach to health could help you Improve, Exhilarate & Maximize Your Health & Well-Being despite challenging times.
  • Learn what holistic health & quantum well-being coaching is & why NOW is the best time to start making a change in your life and WHY our health & wellbeing is MORE IMPORTANT than ever. Get introduced to understanding your body better and how to reduce toxicity, stress and anxiety in the body in the fight against illnesses and diseases.
  • You will also learn how the breath affects your body, wellbeing and your energy. Get introduced to Quantum Energy and learn some simple breathing and meditation techniques.

This workshop is scheduled for 1hour. Depending on how many people will be joining and how quickly we move through the practical part, it might run a little longer. If there’s enough time at the end, there’ll be a quick Q&A session and I’ll share my top tips for managing your body-weight and well-being during difficult times, boost your immune system as well as telling you the magic about conscious eating.

What do you need to take part in the workshop?

  • A space/room where you can be undisturbed for an hour
  • A place to sit comfortably (for the breathing part you’ll be required to sit upright either on a chair or on the floor on a yoga mat if you have one)
  • Feel free to burn some incense if you have any

I really hope you’ll have many ‘Aha-moments’ and learn new things!

Important! Please note: registration for this event closes 15 min prior to event start! Once registered and purchased your ticket, you will receive an email with an individual passcode to join the online ZOOM session. Please make sure you allow an extra 5 min to download and install ZOOM to your phone/tablet/laptop if you haven’t used it so far. Why not go ahead and already download it here:

Look forward seeing you at the event 🙂

Healthy wishes and much love & light to anyone reading this !

*** Please contact me directly if you prefer in-person sessions (1-2-1 or groups) in and around London (UK)***