CSS Reiki level 2 is a two-day immersion with all healing modalities.

CSS Reiki level 2 is a two-day immersion with all healing modalities: NLP, hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga and energy healing plus learning Reiki philosophy and a personal healing.

Saturday 26th June & Sunday 27th June 2020

Time: 9am-4pmCost: $450 for both days (payment plans available)

Location: Riverdell Spiritual Centre (in Karrawirra room)

Reiki 2 (including attunements over 2 days)~Distance Healing~Dream Interpretation~Goal Manifesting~ Exploring the 7 Chakras ️~Colour Therapy~Unlocking Clearing blocks~Fear Vs Love triangle~Scripted Hypnosis and Guided Meditation~Future and past you (healing Reiki Time-Line)

Level Two is much more detailed on the energy centres our Chakras colour therapy and moreMovement/yoga/body-mind medicine and extra teachings are incorporated. This is an intensive 2-day workshop.


9.00am – Welcome sage and hot lemon drink – pick a card and card reading

9.30 – Introduction – house keeping and around the room and session plans each day

945 – Power points and handouts – Wheel of balance

10.00 – Chakra testing on everyone and first few pages of book

10.30 – break and snack


11.00 – Discussion and rest and pair up 10 min mini healing

11.30 – Come back to group / discussion and card reading

12.00 – Meditation / Hypnosis – differences and how to make Reiki more powerful

Scripted handout – Language – intention H+

12.30 – Pair up and meditation script on each other

1.00 – Lunch Break ½ hour

1.30 – Course Manual – Reiki Symbols

2.00 – Pair up and 15 min healing on each other


3.00 – Card reading and om chanting

3.30 – Healing Circle


Reiki 2 Session plan


8.45am – Welcome sage and hot lemon drink

9.00 – Yoga with Jas

10.00 – round the room – Break cup tea clean treats

10.30 – Eye gazing and sending Reiki Love

11.00 – Distance Healing and surrogate


12.00 – Time line / Reiki Energy – past you – Future you – Demo

12.30 – Break off to pairs and write it down

1.00 – LUNCH

1.30 – Fear Vs love

2.00 – 30 min Reiki healing -Then Swap

3.00 – Swap partners Reiki and meditation / hypnotic rants

3.30 – Around the Room Final Card reading


About the facilitator, Nichole….

Nichole (Nic) is 38-year-old mum of two, a wife, works 3 jobs, but her passion is holistic healing and inspiring others!

She brings her positive energy and experience as a holistic mindset coach, teaching her clients and students energy healing and how to reprogram their minds.

Nic has Masters in Hypnotherpay, NLP and Reiki.

She is also a qualified Trainer and Assessor, a Disability and Youth support worker NDIS approved and a qualified Fitness and dance instructor.

She heals through positive words and universal energy.