Come join in a day-long Usui Reiki Level 1 training and attunement. During our time together we interweave sections of lecture-style overviews with reflection and journalling, discussion/sharing, an attunement, and hands-on work. We cover the history of Reiki, an overview of the energy body/chakral system, an overview of hand-placements for self and others in Reiki treatments, as well as individual, partner and eventually group work and treatments. After the training you can offer Reiki to friends, plants, pets and those you love!

Reiki is a subtle but powerful hands-on healing technique that brings us gently back into alignment. It is most often experienced as relaxing, harmonizing, and sometimes even profoundly healing and cleansing, as well as dynamically releasing and effective. It is a gentle and loving spiritual practice and path to walk and to share with others.

Please bring a notebook (maybe even one that can be designated as a “healing journal” in which you can track your dreams, sessions, experiences, questions, reflections, etc.) and a pen. A manual will be provided.

I so look forward to coming together in this spirit!

Exchange: $150