2 Day Course April 3rd & April 10th: 11:00am – 6:00pm

Reiki level 3 relates to Self Mastery and is a process of living and learning from a place of inner power. Through Self-Mastery you are not just the willing passenger along for the ride in your life’s journey, but you create the life you desire through your thoughts, intentions, choices and actions. You begin to truly understand that life is not happening to you but for you and you become a powerful creator of the life you choose.

The joys of becoming a Reiki Master are many, and you don’t necessarily have to teach in order for the Master training to be useful. The additional healing energy, receiving the master symbol, meditations, techniques and knowledge will add value to your innate healing abilities and brings with it a deeper unity consciousness with the Reiki energy. Reiki Master class calls forward something within us that desires to serve and contribute to the transformation of ourselves and the world around us.

What You’ll Learn

1. The Master symbol which increases the effectiveness of the Reiki 2 symbols

2. Reiki meditations that strengthen the mind and expands consciousness.

3. Receive the Master Attunement to strengthen your Reiki energy

4. Advanced techniques for using Reiki

5. Shinpiden Healng Exercises

6. How to perform a Spiritual Blessing

7. How to perform Reiki Attunements

8. Reiki psychic surgery to remove negative psychic energy from yourself and others.

9. How to become a Reiki Master Teacher

Course Cost – $390 (includes manual and course materials)