A sacred space to explore conscious communication within relationship, to form healthier ways of relating & to be empowered love.

This sacred circle will be our first circle exclusively for couples. We are excited to be holding this space for conscious couples that share a desire to deepen in love & grow together in relationship.


To establish mutual trust, increase awareness, gain understanding, recognise patterns & heal relational wounds – by dispelling myths and misperceptions through open, authentic sharing, honest reflections and addressing taboo topics.

This is an effort to cleanse the space in between, to speak to the unspoken. The power of both being witnessed and holding space, creates new foundations for safety. We will co-create this safe holding by reaching beyond blame, projection, disconnect & perpetual wounding and practice deep listening, conscious communication, a strong empathic presence & refrain from personalising another person’s experience. Meeting each other in vulnerability and sharing deeply, without the overriding fear of being misunderstood, shamed or rejected. Creating new channels of communication and connection for the greater good of all.

Your Commitment:






Radical Self Responsibility

Commitment to personal growth

Integrity – respecting confidentiality

What to expect?

The theme for our first couples only event will be: Empowered Love. We will be exploring the below pillars of relating through group sharing and couples practices.

– Authentic & Empowered Connection

– Creating a sacred container

– Conscious communication

– Reverence vs Reactivity

– Expressing needs & desires

– What’s yours vs What’s mine

– Self-responsibility vs outer-responsibility

– Maintaining self-sovereignty

– Exploring empathy

We will be exploring both verbal & non-verbal practices, as well as, group sharing.

You can expect a little fun & cheekiness in one of our intimacy practices.

Who is this for?

This sacred container is exclusively for couples.


6.00pm – 9.00pm

* Please arrive at 5.50pm for a 6.00pm sharp start. Doors will close at 6.10pm


Coorabell Hall, Coolamon Scenic Drive


$60 per couple – Concession

$70 per couple – General Admission

* Concession price is for anyone experiencing financial hardship

* Due to covid restrictions there will be limited spaces available

* Tickets are NOT refundable

(tickets are transferable – can be used at a future event, gifted or sold to another person.)

About your Facilitators:

Cine Holland

Cine is a heart-conscious Intuitive Empath, qualified Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist & Ritualist. She has facilitated regular Moon Rituals and workshops in Sydney and online & Sacred Connection Circles in Northern Rivers for the past six months. Through both one-one-one client sessions and group circles, she is passionate about creating powerful spaces of connection & guiding people to remember their own innate ability to self-heal, by discovering the symbolic meaning of their experiences and accessing their personal wisdom through embodiment & complete ownership of their life experience.

Paul Bibby

My mission and purpose is to help men and women lead rich, meaningful, fulfilling lives from a place of inner peace and self-awareness. I’ve been fortunate to work with hundreds of people across the country as a qualified mindfulness and meditation teacher, and as a men’s work practitioner. I’m honoured to be working alongside Cine to create a safe and sacred space for men and women to explore, heal and grow together.


“My name is Matt, and I met Cine through attending her advertised mixed-gender Sacred Connecting Circle on the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. The different processes carried out were highly varied in content, one to one and larger groupings, and had relevant sociological gender issues embedded. As the only out LGBTQI+ member of the event, I felt welcomed, appreciated, acknowledged, safe, and valued. I encourage people of any culture and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, adult age, spirituality, political persuasion, and social class to jump into the unknown of these sacred connecting evenings. With openness and transparency, willingness to learn, and a balance of giving and receiving, my participation at such an event is exquisitely healing. Cine, as facilitator and leader, is beautifully gentle, compassionate and caring, understanding, a clear communicator, and stimulated a rich personal honesty when I shared. The theme of our night was empathy, and as such, we really did walk in the shoes of another by mirroring back our partner’s share. An antithesis of empathy, shame, was also worked with. The light and shade enabled a holistic coverage of what disrupts our growth, but ultimately, what cultivates positive, transformative healing. I encourage those going to future events (I know I will), to be kind, respectful, open, and also, clear with your boundaries. I felt spiritually connected in sacred ways to every participant in the group. Much gratitude and thank you to Cine for bringing this authentic connection to my reality. With joy, peace, and love, Mippy “

~ Matt

“There are very few moments in life where I have felt thoroughly safe, supported, heard, enjoyed, respected, honoured and loved by people I hardly know. Sacred connection circle created this space. Big love.”

~ Stuart A

“It’s been outstandingly amazing for me, exactly what I needed at the time I needed it, supported and safe space creates amazing things to blossom out of me and evolve.”

“This was a great experience with well balanced facilitation. I felt comfortable from the beginning of the evening and challenged but lighter by the end.”

“Wow so much understanding and sense of community and love.”