See the light, find inner awareness and peace.

If you feel lost in life, have gone through some turbulent times or are looking for some clarity, a shamanic healing session could be extremely beneficial. Marolein will help you connect with your guides in the other realms. The process of controlled and conscious breathing will awaken your inner self. You will learn how to channel your energy through your breathing, and ultimately will strengthen yourself by becoming more in touch with who you really are.

🌟 This session is facilitated by an InnerCamp expert, Marjolein Van Ommeren.


Your Facilitator – Marjolein Van Ommeren

Marjolein is an InnerCamp Healing Breathwork facilitator and a Sacred Womb Awakening & Shamanic Healing Practitioner. She strongly beliefs that we are all healers and her practices are based on this foundation. Her mission is to help people restore balance in their lives by reconnecting them to their inner light and to help them raise their vibration. All her practices are build on the foundation that we have a self healing ability.