Join us for a guided, magical meditation workshop to introduce you to the astral plane- aka the Middle World.

TOTEM has designed this guided meditation workshop- leveraging the ancient technique of Shamanic Journeying- to put you in touch with your unique Spirit Guides and Soul Parts in the Middle World (aka the Astral Realm). In Shamanism, there are three worlds that you can “journey” to via this meditation technique. The Middle World is the world of Astral Projection, in which our Spirit Guides offer Soul Part Recollection and other assistance. The Middle World is an astral adventure, offering us insights into our life and the ability to recollect, restore and reemerge stronger.

TOTEM provides yoga mats, blankets, pillows and straps for this workshop, but we invite you to bring whatever you need to be comfortable for a long meditation. Our space is socially-distanced and sanitzed. Participants can expect to gain insights re: their totem animals and guides, and will leave the workshop with helpful handouts and recommended readings to continue their practice on their own.

This workshop is the first in a three-part series, but attendees do not need to take the whole series to drop into a single class. This class is for all experience levels- you do not need to be an experienced meditator or familiar with shamanism to join and enjoy this workshop!