Soul Coach Training Program (SCTP) is the core / foundational certification course from Navya Takshasila Aatmavidya Peetham (NTAP)/ Proposed Quantum Life University(QLU). It is a residential training program, born out of the extensive research spanning over 26 years conducted in the field of Spiritual Science by Dr. Newton Kondaveti, MD and Dr. Lakshmi GV, MBBS, Founders of NTAP/QLU. Spiritual Science is the intersection of science and spirituality, and it spans many fields such as Metaphysics, Theology, Psychology, Parapsychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Philosophy and many more.

Through this training program, one can learn the theory as well as practice of Spiritual Science, and the application of a wide range of practical tools that help in healing and transformation of one’s physiological, emotional, psychological and spiritual states of being.This unique training program is the only one of its kind in the world. In the SCTP, knowledge is imparted on a plethora of topics of Spiritual Science, and coaching is given on how to integrate and apply this knowledge in Physical Life. SCTPteaches how to balance both the Spiritual and the Physical aspects of our Lives.This leads to experiential learning, which translates into Wisdom of the Soul. Hence the program is named as “Soul Coach Training Program.”

Depending on their level of commitment, involvement and evolvement certain people will have an immediate profound impact and influence. As you work on yourself By working on one’s self with the guidance provided, one will be able to feel the change and transformation that occurs deep within. Your pure being emerges through all the cacophony of social noises and conditioning. By attending all these classes, one learns Atma Jnana (Wisdom of the Soul) and through practical application of these techniques, one lives from the level of the Soul and finally becomes a Brahma Jnani (One who has gained Universal Wisdom).

Duration and Fees
SCTP is conducted as a free residential certification program for 20 days spread over two semesters (10 days in each semester).