A deeply relaxing healing meditation to help reconnect your mind + body + soul

If you enjoy being guided into the realm of your Soul then this monthly healing meditation is for you.

Each session begins with a short body scan where we begin to hand over all our stress to Pacha Mama (Mother Earth). We lovingly offer her the weight of our worries as our body is invited into deep relaxation.

Using gentle breath work, colour, light and a soothing tone, every cell in your body will begin to let go, igniting a natural healing response. Every molecule of your being is invited to heal, unlocking the light from your DNA and reconnecting you with your innermost wisdom.

The meditation closes with an ancient healing prayer, lovingly sung over each participant. These prayers contain healing mantras that awaken our Divinity.

Integration is important after a deep healing so please stay for a raw treat and masala chai (all included in the price).

Come with an open heart and allow your Body, Mind and Soul to be revived and rejuvenated.

I can’t wait to share this sacred space with you.

All are welcome.

Maximum 15 participants.