Here it is: the immersive, experiential online Spirit Guide deep dive course you’ve all been waiting for!

Spirit Guides, Ancient Gods & Archetypes is an interactive online course designed by TOTEM Readings to acquaint you with the ancient gods and archetypes permeating our world from the dawn of human history through the present day. From their influence over corporate brands to famous movie characters and even to the foundational elements of modern Jungian psychology, these ancient archetypes inform and shape the world in which we live.

TOTEM has structured this workshop along the architecture of the Major Arcana cards in Tarot. Numbered 0 to 21, these primordial energies communicate a cosmic story: our human origins, our spiritual history, and our energetic impulses, gifts and obstacles. This course will provide participants with an understanding of these archetypes and their influence over us as individuals and as a collective, a crucial insight to navigating the material and the spiritual landscape.

The course curriculum is designed to be immersive and experiential, as well as provide tangible academic insights into these foundational gods and archetypes. To achieve this balance, we have designed cohesive, thematic modules drawing from a central narrative thread each month. The course content will draw from multiple cultural, theological and spiritual traditions, taking a “comparative religions” approach that clearly demonstrates the uncanny consistency between archetypal figures- and their attributes- across time and geography.

Each course module will include substantive up-front content via kick-off meeting and PDF course outline (which includes text and “vision board” reference images), providing the participant with an overview, summary of spirit guide attributes, related reference material, as well as several easy individual immersive exercises.

We will also facilitate real-time group communication, sharing and support via a closed (i.e. participants only) Slack online group.

Ancient Gods & Archetypes explored in this module: Mab (3), Erlking (4), Oracle (5)

In this second module, we turn to the ancient pagan deities and figures that permeate the darker Fairy Tales of our youth and the wild landscapes of the multi-dimensional earth. A few highlights:

– Get acquainted with the ancient Faerie Goddess Mab, who rules over the natural world and protects women, children and animals from harm. Oh- and she’s the one that goes “hunting” with hell hounds;)

– Want to go on the Wild Hunt of Halloween? Learn who the game warden that watches over wildlife to protect it from men? The best remedy for toxic masculinity? Hint: it’s the Erlking!

– The archetype of the Oracle has been thoroughly misunderstood and misrepresented throughout history- we’ll dive into Joan of Arc, the Oracle at Delphi, and other prominent channelling champions.

Participants can opt to take individual course modules for $200 each or register for all course modules for $1,000 (representing a $400 discount). All experience levels are welcome and there are no prerequisites to complete ahead of any Spirit Guides, Ancient Gods & Archetypes course modules.

To obtain the whole course discount, please reach out to Rachel of TOTEM Readings directly: Register for individual modules directly on Eventbrite.