Wesak day meditation

There is a valley in the heart of Himalayas, in western Tibet, surrounded by mountains all around, except the northeast. The Full Moon of Taurus, known as the Wesak. The valley gets filled with pilgrims from various areas and surrounding districts. The spiritual aspirants, lamas and teachers find their way into the valley and locate themselves in the southern and middle parts, leaving the northeastern portion free. In this way all the men and women of good will and the will to do good, who are active parts of the Divine Plan on earth, gather together on this auspicious moment that we know as Wesak to receive blessings of enlightened spiritual masters of all time. These groups of spiritual workers are the main participants of the Wesak celebration. According to Dwajal Khul great enlightened saint, we all can effortlessly immerse in this strong energy due the natural pull between moon and earth. We all can do group meditation during this part of year and share our compassion with those who are suffering most generating good karma for one and all. 🙏