Women’s circles are an ancient practise whereby women gather to hold space for one another in love.

Women’s circles are an ancient practise whereby women gather to hold space for one another in love. In this gentle space, held in love, all that is within your heart is welcome and honoured, as we connect to one another and the earth through ritual, ceremony, and reflection. Join us in sacred circle as we gather amongst the gardens of Riverdell Spiritual Centre, in the company of birdsong and flowers.

Through the rise of patriarchy, this ancient practise was forgotten. As patriarchy rose, women hid this practise and forgot to tell their daughters where they had hidden it. Women are now remembering what was hidden -women are connecting, holding space for one another, allowing themselves to be seen and heard. Women are remembering what was once lost.

As we gather together in sacred circle, may we tend to one another’s hearts with gentleness and care. May we hold space for one another with tenderness, for holding space for the heart of another is an expression of deep love.

All that is held within your heart is welcome dear one, and all will be held with nurture in our loving space.

What to expect during our gathering:

-Cleansing our space

-Intention setting

-Guided meditation to bring nurture to our hearts

-Reflection through talking circle

-Ceremony to deepen our connection to one another

-Rituals amongst nature

-Sound bath

-Kirtan (the singing of sacred Sanskrit mantras)


7th February (in the Sanctuary)

7th March (in the Sanctuary)

11th April (in Karrawirra room)

2nd May (in the Attunement room)

6th June (in the Sanctuary)

4th July (in the Attunement room)

1st August (in the Sanctuary)

5th September (in the Sanctuary)

3rd October (in the Sanctuary)

7th November (in the Sanctuary)

5th December (in the Sanctuary)

Time: 2-4pm

Cost: $40 per person

Spaces available at a reduced price for those experiencing financial difficulty. Please contact Siobhan if you would like to attend but cannot afford a ticket

Location: Riverdell Spiritual Centre, in the Sanctuary

What to bring:

-Water bottle

-Journal and pen

-Blanket and cushion

Please arrive 10 minutes before starting time to give yourself the time to settle into our space.

Spaces are limited to 11 in order to create an intimate circle where each woman can be truly seen and held.


Together we gather,

To remember that we are not alone,

That within each of us lies one another,

That we are one another’s greatest teachers.

So let us listen to one another’s stories,

Let us know one another’s tears,

Let us hold one another’s pain,

Let us see one another’s gifts,

And let us find one another’s light.

Let us remember,

That within one another,

We find one another.

For healing takes place when we gather.