Peter Bullimore, appearing from the other side of the Atlantic, will facilitate this day-long training.

This class is limited to participants in Maine’s CIPSS training program. This class counts for one Continuing Education Credit for CIPS in Maine.

About Peter Bullimore:

Pete operates his own training/consultant agency, Asylum Associates, and is the founding member of the Paranoia Network in England. He also holds a teaching and research post at Manchester University and is a published author on issues of voices and trauma.

Workshop content will include:

• History of Paranoia

• What does Paranoia mean to you?

• The role of fear in Paranoia

• Identifying the links between trauma and belief systems?

• The three stages of Paranoia

• Using the three stages (Case studies)

• Triggers & Warning signs

• Working with unusual beliefs

• Decoding beliefs

• Understanding body state information that can trigger paranoia

• Case studies

• Personal experience of recovery

Workshop outcomes

On completion of this training, participants will be able to:

• Take a critical and thoughtful perspective on traditional ways of understanding paranoia & unusual beliefs

• Understand the potential pitfalls of the claims made from other therapies

• Take a respectful and ethical approach to the experience of paranoia & unusual beliefs

• Understand the potential connection between trauma and the experience

• Develop new ways of talking to and working with those that have these experiences

• Identify the 3 stages of paranoia