Celebrate International Yoga Day with our heartwarming Sacred Kirtan meditation gathering!

Join the world wide celebrations for the United Nations International Day of Yoga at our community conscious meditation event to share and celebrate all things yoga.

Kirtan is the singing of ancient Vedic mantras and the Sacred Names of the Supreme. This heartfelt meditation practice weaves together melody, music and mantra to provide a soul fulfilling joyful experience. The eternal wisdom contained in the yoga texts explain that the sacred mantras are transcendental sounds endowed with unlimited spiritual potency. They purify one’s consciousness and bring deep spiritual insight and inner happiness.

Everyone is looking for real and lasting connection in their life. Kirtan nourishes the soul’s deepest needs by reconnecting us to our spiritual source and reawakening the spiritual love within our hearts.

Everyone is very welcome to come along and feel free to bring your friends! Delicious chai and dessert will be served.