New to yoga or looking for a refresh in the foundations of practice?

Welcome to Yoga for Beginners 6 week course, my name is Katie Despres and I am a 800 hour qualified Hatha Yoga teacher who has been running the Yoga for Beginners Courses at Yogasara Studio for the past 3 years. Regular

Yoga practice can improve your overall Wellbeing, increasing your Energy Levels and help you develop a new-found Strength and Flexibility both physically and emotionally.

I combine my experience as a Wellbeing Coach to offer practical, realistic and down to earth teachings that enables Yoga practice to be accessible to all both on and off the mat.
After almost 20 years of desk based work, I know what it’s like to feel continually tired, stressed and no longer be able to touch my toes or move freely!!

The Course Over 6 weeks we will explore how our bodies and minds work and how you can help yourself stay healthy and well.
We will cover:
-Movement and Breath Awareness Strengthening based postures and Body Alignment
– A step by step learning of the basic foundational yoga postures/Asana’s with modifications to suit your individual body Guided relaxation and Breathing practices
-The Yogic philosophies such as Non-harming, Acceptance, Non-Grasping and more woven though the practice

So whether you are brand new to yoga or wish to re-visit the foundations of practice, this course will help you gain a better understanding of the practice. Plus prepare you to join regular classes and further courses and develop a safe practice to grow at home.

I offer two courses, Level 1 and Level 2, ideally you would complete Level 1 first as Level 2 is a lead on from what is learnt in the first course.
Most students repeat Level 1 at least once before moving on …

Level 1 6-7.15pm – In Level One we will first learn how to breathe more fully & deeply and then link this to breath led movement. We will explore how we have developed patterns in our bodies that limit our movement and ability to breath so we can become more aware of how to make sustainable changes. We will learn the Sun Salutation / Surya Namaskara – posture by posture with modifications and props. I will introduce the Yogic Philosophies is a relevant and practical way.

Level 2 – 8.30-8.45pm In Level Two we explore the essence of the Standing Asanas including Warrior 1,2,3 & 4, Balances and the transitions between these postures.
Each session repeating the Sun Salutation learnt in Level 1, with a kramic ( adaptations) approach incorporating Pranayama ( Breath work) and looking deeper into the Yogic Philosophies including the Tantric Life Energy Systems of the Prana Vayus & the Koshas. Location:

The course is held at Yogasara studio on Picton Street in Montpelier. This long standing community based and dedicated yoga studio, provides all the equipment you will need, in a warm and friendly space. Toilets and a changing room are also available.

Price: £70.00 ( plus booking fee)
Now available through your MoveGB included in the £13.99 weekly membership/ Top-up may apply for lesser value memberships – check if its more cost effective to upgrade your membership for the duration of the course than pay a top up – you will also then get access to more venues/activities

You said…. “Extremely welcoming, non-judgemental, lovely class. I was an absolute beginner and found it a wonderful, empowering experience from day one. I loved finding out about the philosophy of yoga and building upon this to find my breath then start to learn some of the poses. After repeating both foundation courses several times it’s completely changed my outlook on life and my wellbeing.

This course has helped me to relieve stress, greatly reduce the number of migraines I have and enabled me to feel strong both mentally and physically. Katie is a truly inspiring teacher and I can’t recommend this course enough to anyone who wants to feel good.”

“Highly recommended for anyone even slightly interested in yoga or learning to breathe better, deal with stress, etc. Very welcoming and non judgemental.”

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