Evolution of Creative Energy

Evolution of Creative Energy

The next step in man’s evolution is conscious evolution, i.e to focus his/her creative energies to manifest dreams.

The evolution was unconscious right up to the stage of man.

Conscious living is nothing but living with awareness of your self, your body, your feelings, your thoughts, your experiences and your ideas ….

And most important, learning from all of these.

The dreams, desires, goals and ambitions that you have are not by chance or by accident.

These are not even yours for the choosing.

Your dreams, your goals chose you. You did not choose them.

These are the little sparks of your creative energy that you feel on a daily basis.

Your job while you are alive is to turn these sparks into a flame.

Every day is truly a miracle.

With that being said, the major problem of being a human is that negative forces come into play.

A man has an equal potential for self-help as well as self-harm.

When a person is not successful in manifesting his/her dreams, that means that he/she is choosing not to evolve…

A human can get lost within his/her addictions.

A human can get depressed.

A human can feel suicidal.

A human can become isolated, lonely and a recluse.

A human can give up on him/herself.

A human can give up on his dreams.

A human can make mistakes.

A lot of mistakes. A chain of mistakes.

A human can become greedy and destroy the rights of others.

That’s where the nastiness of human condition comes into play/picture

We each one has biggest responsilbilty towards our own selves

The point here is to realize that the mysterious and the miraculous force within you –

Is towards your evolution, towards the fulfillment of your growth.

No matter how long and arduous the struggle.

A man and a woman are made in the image of God.

A small, miniature expression of the Creator is within our selves.

We cannot learn the esoteric through books, words and articles.

We can endeavour to feel it through our heart.

We can feel it through love and nurture.

There is no psychology of the esoteric that can be learnt and understood through mere words.

Life itself is our greatest master as we live through it.

We do not know what helplessness is, what fear is, what tiredness is unless we go through it

We do not know what being loved feels like, what being respected feels like and what being recognized

feels like unless we experience it.

A human’s work is to carry on under all circumstances.

A human’s effort is to go on.

If a human does not work to overcome life then he/she has already landed themselves in a cul de sac.

The problem of being a human is that one day your life will end but you will have to live every single day of your life until end.

Let not the miracle of life that began with your birth stop with your birth.

Realize the potential of every moment.

You get 86,400 of these every single day.

All yours for the taking.

The Creator has given you such a beautiful opportunity of life.

How well can you use this ?

Try and recollect at what age did you start giving up on your dreams.

We all know much can get done in a day if we only put 100% of our minds and our selves into it.

We all have had this sort of experience of our latent potential.

The point behind all of self-help industry is only that – Man’s evolution in pursuit of his dreams and visions.

Nothing else !!

The point then is only to push ourselves and go for it.

Nothing else !!

Considering that, I like the title ‘Evolution of Creative Energy’ or the ‘Creative Evolution of Man’ as the title for this blog post.

The latent force within each of us has infinite potential and capacity.

We have so much that even for one second

We cannot and don’t have any reason for a single negative thought.

That we don’t have any reason to despair.

Only reasons to celebrate.

To pursue to share gifts of our unique set of talents, abilities and skills with the world.

We don’t have any reason for hopelessness, depression, sorrow or sadness.

If we only keep ourselves occupied –

In pursuit of productive, creative and meaningful activities.

These give us a tremendous hope to our selves as we discover possibilities of the future.

We will escape the self-made prison of our past.

A man/woman only turns bitter and resentful when he/she is not able to do it.

Something is holding him/her back.

Sometimes its the politics, sometimes its the competition, sometimes its the government, sometimes its the society norms, at times it is the corporate culture.

No matter what the reason, If we only turn inward all and any of these can be solved.

There’s no problem without a solution. Always remember that.

For within ‘you’, you will find an unexplained esoteric strength.

If you are observant enough, you will understand the role the ‘Creator’ plays in your life.

It is the mystical union of the ‘seeker’ and ‘sought’.

Whatever you put your mind and spirit to, you shall attain.

There is nothing that is not within your grasp, within your reach.

Practice being practical.

Practice achieving all the the day-dreams that you thought were mere dreams.

Push with a sense of urgency. Pursue excellence in all that you do.

Master particular knowings.

Focus yourself and Devote all your energies to one Single idea.

In the Realm of mood, skill, thought, temperament, feelings, ideas, emotions, abilities, skills everything.

Put your all to it.

Each and every single of your mental muscle.

Each and every bit of your brain power.

Simply go into it. So that the ideal becomes ‘you’.

After only a few hours of sincere practice you will realize that –

You no longer have to try. It comes natural to you.

Whatever you put your mind to, you will achieve.

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