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i, My name is Erica Ferrar and I have a 30 year background in dental health and holistic health and, I really do know how important good health is to our physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. I love knowing how the body works, the natural synchronisation of all its parts and, how it adapts to the constant changes within and around us and, conversely I am interested in what happens when it is not working as it should, and what I can do to help you restore your balance and wellbeing. I have been drawn to specialising in the management of stress as, I have spent quite a lot of my life in some very stressful situations – in my personal life as well as my work life. I was not always aware of the damaging effects of stress or, the long lasting, debilitating effects that stress can have, not just on myself, but on my colleagues, friends, and family members. Don’t get me wrong, my life has not been bad, I have had a lot of fun and had some great adventures but, I have made some poor choices along the way – but it is those choices that have led me here today. Learning about the effects of stress, anxiety and depression has been eye opening for me. I recognised so much of it in friends and family, as well as myself, and I began to realise that there was much that I could do to help. I started my holistic journey in 1999, when I took my first reflexology practitioners diploma, shortly followed by reiki I and II and the Touchpro chair Massage practitioners diploma. I worked for 14 years backstage at music festivals delivering fast and convenient massage and reflexology treatments to worn out rock, pop and folk musicians. I built up speed, stamina and experience. I now work predominantly in my own home treatment room, and as a mobile therapist, working with longer appointments and a much larger range of therapies. I have achieved more goals in the last four years since opening A Little Holistic Oasis, than in the previous thirty years. Remaining in a situation where I was unhappy for so long was stifling my creativity, motivation and my personal development. I am now releasing old behavior patterns, releasing self-imposed limitations, embracing change and conquering fears, and by facing them, my confidence and self esteem have soared. Every day, I learn new skills and practices and the more I learn, the more my imagination soars. Every time I take a new course, I say “That will be the last “, but it just drives me forward to the next one. Learning never ends, and nor do I want it to



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