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My name is Ann Burness, I am 59 years old.  I first became interested in Reiki after I managed to injure myself by opening a heavy door, leaving me with a large herniated disc and considerable pain.  Doing physiotherapy had no impact and I was told the only way forward was surgery.  While I was waiting for this to happen, someone very kindly did a distance treatment and ‘sent’ Reiki to me. This proved to be a turning point for me, and over the following days my pain began to subside to a point where I was able to function again, and this improvement continued.  I was still advised to have the surgery, but by the time of my operation I was pain free and not taking any medication. This experience made me decide that I wanted to train to become a Reiki Practitioner myself, so that I could enjoy Reiki whenever I wanted, and also help my family and our dogs and cat. I have been using Reiki for teny ears with people and animals, for the last seven years as a Reiki Master Practitioner.  All of the studying I have done has been through courses that have been approved with the UK Reiki Federation, so fulfil the National Occupational Standards for Complementary and Natural Healthcare.  I am a UK Reiki Federation member and this involves continued professional development, I meet this by reading, and attending regular mentoring and training events, to help keep me informed of new ideas and techniques.  I have also done an Animal Reiki course through a different training provider. The next part of my Reiki journey began in November 2017 when I started my apprenticeship for Master Teacher.  I have now completed my apprenticeship and so the next part of my journey begins!  This is the really exciting part because I can share what I have learned and experienced with other people, so they too can enjoy the wonders of Reiki and be able to channel this beautiful energy for themselves. If you are interested in being attuned to Reiki, click on the link below for information about my courses. My aim as a practitioner is to help you begin to heal yourself, so that you can have balance within your body and mind, allowing you to feel relaxed and peaceful.  Many people who enjoy Reiki frequently find their overall state of mind is more positive and they are able to live in that ‘now’ moment more often, rather than continually worrying and thinking about the past and the future.



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